Koji Nakamura was born in January 1960 at Hyogo, Japan. He was one of the original three performers who started the Shumei Taiko Ensemble and he was the group's first leader. Presently he is the Ensemble's Director. Among his other interests are reading and sports. He avows that his life in taiko has given him spiritual strength and the ability to face the profound depth of art in everyday life.

"Taiko directly reflects the player's mind in both sound and attitude. No matter what form art takes, there cannot be any eminent works of art without an elevated sense of spirituality on the part of the artist. It is obvious that there is no way to improve ones Taiko skills except through an accumulation of humble efforts and hard training. But before all that, it is most important for one to learn how to live ones life as a human being. For me, I learn about life by approaching taiko in the company of young players."

Koji Nakamuraa

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