Tsunehisa Takahashi was born in Taiwan in 1967, spent his childhood in Korea, and came of age in Kanagawa, Japan. He studied at the Musashi Institute of Technology. Joining the Shumei Taiko Ensemble in 1995, he is presently an Assistant Leader and his instruments are the o-daiko, chu-daiko, and flute. Besides being an accomplished taiko artist, Tsunehisa is a fine auto mechanic. Also, he has a passion for home-cooked food.

"My cue to become a taiko artist came on New Year's Eve of 1988 when I saw the Shumei Taiko Ensemble perform at the "Fire Ceremony" at Misono. I will never forget the impression that the Ensemble made on me. As I watched the drummers and drums glistening in the soft torch light and listened to the taiko's thunder, I felt God descending onto the surrounding mountains. I will never deny that moment. It stuck to my heart and became part of me."

Tsunehisa Takahashi

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