Akira Oshima was born in 1962 in Niigata, Japan, where he attended Niigata Prefectural Technical High School. He was one of the original three members of the Shumei Taiko Ensemble and presently holds the position of Sub-leader with the group. The instruments that he plays are the chu-daiko and flute. When not devoting his time to taiko, he enjoys taking trips with his family.

"Even though we have experienced only a few concerts, we have met many wonderful people and have learned a lot from them. I especially cannot forget the shining eyes of the children when we played in South Africa. It is a treasure to have met and performed for so many wonderful people -- people with great souls and pure hearts.

"My goal is to have a spirit and presence that touches people deeply even before I begin to play, when I simply am standing before my drum. I want to elevate my character both through taiko and through living my daily life so that I can contribute to world peace by beating the drum."

Akira Oshima

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