Yoshiaki Takagi was born in Shizuioka in 1959. He participated in the "Momo-daiko" ceremony in Misono, which involved one hundred drummers who played at the Grand Dedication of Meishusama Hall in 1982. Presently, he is a Sub leader with the Ensemble and his instruments are the chu-daiko  and flute. Besides his career as a taiko artist, Yoshiki also is a fine calligrapher. He enjoys making music with younger musicians.

"A year ago, I thought that I would come to a level of playing that I could never surpass. Today, I know that no matter what level I achieve, there will still be another, higher level to reach. This change in my way of thinking is a big one for me. I don't think anyone knows what a turning point like this is without actually going through it. It is like overcoming one threshold that you think is the limit of your abilities and finding yet another waiting for you."

Yoshiaki Takagi

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